Thursday, October 12, 2006

Welcome to 'How Do We Know?'

Hello.  My name is Steve Quatrano.  Welcome to one of my personal websites.  It is an experiment serving several purposes at the same time.  The objectives of this site called "How Do We Know?" include:
  1. Exploring the History and Philosophy of Science;
  2. Understanding the relationship between Science and Society;
  3. Investigating the proposition that stories about scientists, the History and Philosophy of Science can help non-scientists understand Science better;
  4. Searching for large problems involving conflict, complex systems and several disciplines at the intersection of Science and Society;
  5. Discovering individuals and organizations who are working on these kinds of problems with related strategies;
  6. Engaging a community of both scientists and non-scientists in a public conversation on these subjects;
  7. Learning I might be able to help, leveraging my own experience as an entrepreneur, management consultant, software engineer and teacher;
  8. Documenting my experiences.

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