Thursday, October 5, 2006

About This Site

This website is an experiment, a work in progress.

In some posts, I would like to document my experience engaging scientists and non-scientists alike in my exploration of Science and Society.  I intend to write very personal and anecdotal stories of the people I meet and my thinking as it evolves in my blog.

But I will also write more edited “stories” and post some “reference” pages reflecting my current thinking as patterns emerge and it becomes clear how I will focus in the next few months.

I have no idea where this website will wind up:  it probably depends a lot on which direction my research takes me.  For the time being I can say with some certainty that the number of visitors to my site are very, very low.   However, in the coming months I would like it to become a place where the people I meet — scientists and non-scientists alike — can follow these discussions: how we know what we know; how that insight might be useful to improve communication between scientists and the lay public; and finally, how such a public conversation might improve the standing of scientists, scientific evidence and scientific methods in our society.

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