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Stephen Quatrano is a software engineer, entrepreneur, management consultant and teacher.

For 30 years Steve has identified and participated in some of the most important and interesting trends in information technology from peer-to-peer networking to distributed computing, client-server systems, decision support and data warehousing, computer telephony, VoIP, web-collaboration, content management, social networks and online communities. He has experienced the full cycle of innovation and adoption from the inside, working closely with investors, technology leaders, engineers and  customers. Steve has a track record of communicating complex and novel ideas with clear and compelling messages, building adaptive organizations and designing systems to sustain innovation and support large-scale adoption in very large and very small companies.

Steve is currently an Engineer in the Cisco Systems Voice Technology Group (VTG) Office of the CTO where he's bringing innovative ideas to Cisco's portfolio of collaboration businesses.Previously, Steve consulted with Silverlink Communications, extending their technology strategy to encompass consumer health care data management, analytics, and master record management platform, supporting their multi-modal communications management service.

Prior to that, Steve was a co-founder of Ticklr, Inc, a service that helps people stay engaged with their professional networks. He also founded Science Media and Engagement (SME) Strategies to stimulate and inform science engagement using Internet technology, social networks, social media and local events.  This website grew out of that process.

Prior to SME Strategies, Steve teamed with the founders of The Right Question Institute (RQI) to teach the skill of question formulation, engaging adults in GED, ESOL and adult literacy programs. Steve built scalable delivery and support systems using the Internet, institutional partners and a community of practice (COP) consisting of trained adult educators and social workers.  Steve is currently an active board member at The Right Question Institute and heading up their Innovation Initiative, bringing the skill of question formulation to businesses to stimulate innovation, critical thinking and problem solving.

Between 1982 and 2004, Steve experienced hyper growth in three start-ups and two acquisitions by Sybase and Cisco Systems. Customers included Chemical Bank, Fidelity, MCI, Land’s End and Pepsi Cola.  He has repeatedly returned to his roots as a software developer to experience first hand many generations of software technology but has also served as a project manager, Director of Engineering, software architect, CTO and strategy consultant.

Steve graduated cum laude from Dartmouth College with a B.S. degree in Geography and minors in Italian and Art History. Steve has taught in classrooms and informal settings. He holds several patents for his work at Webline and Cisco Systems.You can download Steve's resume formatted for printing here.

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